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About Us

5000Art.com is an online trading, exhibiting and researching Chinese antiques center. The website is named 5000Art.com because Chinese history has lasted for more than 5000 years. Managed by Reminiscence Culture Co. Ltd. in Taiwan, 5000Art.com has representatives in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to manage trade affairs.

Reminiscence Gallery founded in 1995.

e-Shop Abundant Supplies
The sources of antiques sold on 5000Art.com are of three folds:
1.Collections of Reminiscence Culture Co. Ltd that keeps buying from  Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.
2. Collections of more than twenty joint antique shops in Taiwan. Many of these shops have first hand supplies from China, Hong Kong,  and Macao.
3. Collections of antique collectors all over the world.

What Do You Prefer

If you do not see anything that interests you on our online shop, please e-mail us about the types of items you are looking for. We may just have the exact piece you are searching for in our inventory of thousands of items. We may also provide additional help through our joint shops and collectors all over the world.
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e-Resale Shop
The buyer could resell the item bought from e-shop of 5000Art.com on e-Resale Shop any time. We do not charge any commission or other fees.
We keep the photos and data of every item, so the process of resale is very easy, just email us to make arrangement.
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More than twenty antique shops

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Honesty, Quality, and Professionalism are our traditions.  To offer 100% buyer satisfaction guarantee, we attaches a proved document of every item sold. Buyers can return the items within 10 days of receipt without any questions asked, provided that the items remain in the same condition as when they were sold.
We will refund the full price of the item but buyers are responsible for the shipping, handling,  insurance, and auction fees. 
All items are guaranteed to be of the period, age, and conditions as stated in the proved document.  Within one year of receipt, if an item is proved with written evidence by an legally registered independent appraiser of Asian Antiques that not matching the description in the document, we will refund the full price of the item and all the shipping , handling, and insurance fees. 
All items will be packaged in a brocade box and delivered by professional couriers.

More than twenty antique shops joined

Research Center
To strengthen collector’s abilities and interests of examining and appreciating Chinese antiques, we are planning on establishing a Chinese Antique Research Center. Experts and researchers of Chinese antiques will be invited to form a committee to write curriculum for the Center. We will provide a website’s research space where the Chinese antiques collectors can obtain more knowledge of their collections online. Contact Us

To better service collectors of Chinese antiques, 5000Art.com provide an online appraising service by photos.

We are constructing the online files of Chinese history allusions and cultural stories related to Chinese antiques. The files of e-Shop items will be listed first. The files all rights reserved but welcome link. 
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Generally, antique collectors rarely have chances exhibiting their collections in museums or galleries. 5000Art.com offer a free on line galleries to exchange information of collections:

a. Exhibit arranged items

b. Exhibit certain collector’s collections 

You are welcome to exhibit your collections with other collectors all over the world.

Please contact us to make arrangement.
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Free News Letter
Free monthly news Letter of archaeological and market information will be sent through emails to registered visitors. Please just enter your email address to register, your privacy is guaranteed. Contact Us 

Current & previous News Letter

  More than twenty antique shops joined

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