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e-Exhibition - Metalwork


Chinese 14th Century Yuan/Ming Dynasty Bronze Monkey Riding Horse Figure

Chinese 9th Century Tang Dynasty Pair of Silver Gilt Cups Decor of Mythic Beast "SHELIH" - Chinese Domestic Leopard

Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Li

Chinese 10th BC Western Zhou Period Bronze Horse Harness Cheek Pieces Pair

Chinese 16th Century Ming Dynasty Special Shaped Cast Iron Ritual Sword

Chinese Tang Dynasty Gilt Bronze Comb

Chinese 5th BC Eastern Zhou Dynasty Early Warring States Period Rare Bronze Tripod Vessel DING with Ram Head Handle and Original Lid

Chinese Warring States Period Bronze Official Figure

Chinese 16th Century Early Ming Dynasty Refined Bronze Playing Lion Figures Pair

Chinese Tang Dynasty Bronze Bowl

Chinese 4th BC Warring States Period Bronze Wine Pot LEI

Chinese 4th BC Warring States Period Bronze Wine Pot HU in Fish Shaped

Chinese 15th Century Ming Dynasty Bronze Vase with Walking dragon Decor

Chinese E. Zhou Bronze Wine Pot He with Tiger Head Fly Fish

Chinese 1st BC Han Dynasty Bronze Lamp with Bird and Slave Figures Decor

Chinese 1st Century Han Dynasty Bronze Kneeling Figure

Chinese 5th/3rd BC Warring States Period Narrow Blade Bronze Dagger-Axe GE

Chinese 1st BC Western Han Dynasty A Pair of Small Archaic Bronze Vases FANG HU

Chinese 5th/3rd BC Warring States Period Bronze Inlaid Silver Belt Hook with Small Cyclorama Container

Chinese 2nd BC Western Han Dynasty Bronze Spoon with Dragon Head

Chinese 8th/5th BC Spring Autumn Period Bronze Bell

Chinese 11th-8th Century BC Western Zhou Bronze Ding

Chinese/Mongolian 5th/3rd BC Bronze Knife With Peafowl Dragon Tiger Decorations

Chinese 11th BC Later Shang Dynasty Bronze Knife with Shaft-Rings and Nipple Decor

Chinese 16th Century Ming Dynasty Bronze Mythical Beast From Yunnan Area 

Chinese 3rd Century BC Warring States Period Bronze Yi Ewer

Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Buddhism Deity

Chinese Qing Dynaty Huge Bronze Yi Dragon shaped

Chinese 5th-3rd BC Warring States Period Bronze Spear Mao Signed

Chinese / Tibetan 19th Century Gilt Bronze Ridding Lion of  Manjusri

Chinese Han Dynasty Bronze Housing Model with Bear shaped bases

Chinese Western Han Dynasty Bronze HE Wine Pot  with Goose Head

Chinese Bronze Spring Autumn Period HE  Wine Pot

Chinese  Han Dynasty Bronze Bird Sharped Staff Head

Chinese  Western Zhou Dynasty Bronze Axle Part with Mythical Beast Head   

Chinese  Western Han Dynasty Bronze  Weight with Mythical Beasts and  inset turquoise

Chinese Warring States Period Mongolian Bronze Deer Figure Pair

Chinese Western Han Dynasty Bronze Wine Pot He

Chinese Western Han Dynasty Bronze Ornament One Pair

Chinese Han Dynasty Bronze Censer
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