Chinese Lion 

The homeland of lion was in Africa, Western Asia, and South America in the ancient time.
According to Chinese historical records lion was imported from the West Land in Han period ca. the first century. The lion is called SIH - TZU, was named from the Sanskrit SIMBA - lion, in ancient China.

The lion is the symbol of strong and powerful, Chinese people have taken it as an animal of the amulet lasting for 2,000 years. In China, or China town in the West, there are a pair of stone carvings of lion standing in front of the gate as the warriors to keep the temple or house safe and protect people from the attack of demon.

The photos below are the images of lion in ancient China; Han dynasty ( 1st century ), Tang dynasty ( 9th century ), Ming dynasty ( 15th century ), and Qing dynasty ( 19th century ).


photos from "Chinese Lion Sculpture Artwork"-Shanghai publisher, 1996





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