Lonquan  Celadons

Longquan celadons have been distinguished among porcelain ware in Chinese history. The kilns of Longquan were founded during 3rd century Three kingdoms period and lasting to 19th century Qing Dynasty.
The starting date was placed in 10th century Song dynasty, 1959 an old kiln was founded in Lishui City that dated to the Southern and Northern dynasties to the Tang dynasty.
Longquan kiln specialist professor Zhu Boqian wrote  the book "CELADONS FROM lONGQUAN kILNS"  and in the book he pointed that: over their 1600 years history, Longquan kilns underwent phrases of starting, development, prosperities and finally decline. The period from Wei and Jin to Sui dynasty is its starting phase. There were only a few kilns, produts were sold locally only. Song dynasty the kilns developed rapidly, forming a very large kiln system. Since the mid Ming period, production dwindled. Many kilns were closed and the production ceased during the late Qing dynasty.

above : the collection of Zhejiang Provincial Museum
Song Dynasty Kuan Yin figure of Longquan celadon 


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