Scholar art

The tradition Chinese scholar spent years studying the ancient     classics and philosophical  books .in hopes of passing the Civil  Service Examination(kou-zi). When one passed the examination, he  was allowed to enter government service to get a official position.

To a civil person, this is the only key to entrance into a life of  privilege, social status, politics and aesthetics. When he was studying, he was surrounded with treasures that created for scholars in his room. 

The basic tools of the scholar were the “ four treasure of the  study”—brush, inkstick, paper, and inkstone. The others were those  ink pallet, inkwell, ink box, ink rest, brush washer, brush holder, brush rest, water dropper, ruler, seal, scholar rocks, arm rest, paper weight, toggle, carved item.

Ming D. painting, two scholars

Qing D. bamboo brush rest

Qing D. bronze brush rest 


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