Vaisravana is the popular god of wealth in Hindu and Buddhist mythology .In Tibetan Buddhism, he is also one of the eight protective deities. Vaisravana also referred to as Kubera who governs the north. As the god of wealth in Tibet, his sculpture is often shown riding on a lion and holding a mongoose in his left hand.
In China, Vaisravana is known as To-wen Tien-wang.
The eight protective deities are worshiped singly or in a group called “Eight Terrible Ones,” includes the following: 
(1) Lha-mo  Goddess Sanskrit:
    Sri-devi, or Kala-devi,  fierce city goddess of Lhasa and the
    only feminine divinity in the group.  
(2) Tshangs-pa Dkar-po  Whate Brahma,  Sita-Brahma. 
(3)Beg-tze  Hidden Sheet  of Mail. 
(4)Yama  Gshin-rje, the god of death, or accompanie  by his  sister,

(5)Kubera, or Vaisravana 
Rnam-thos-sras, god of
    wealth and the only
    one among the eight
    who is never 
    represented in a firerce
(6)Mahakala  Great Black

    One, Mgon-po. 
(7)Haygriva  Horse Neck,


(8)Yamantaka  Conqueror

    of Yama, or Death,


Vaisravana, C. 15th C. rosewood, unearthed relic


Vaisravana, wall-painting, Tibet old palace

Vaisravana, 12th C. bronze, Ronge family collection


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