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About Us is an online trading and researching Chinese antiques. The website is named because Chinese history has lasted for more than 5000 years. Managed by Reminiscence Culture Co. Ltd. in Taiwan, has representatives in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to manage trade affairs.

Chinese  Qing D.  Taoism  gods  scroll  40  feet  long on  one  piece  fabric
This scroll is a Chinese Taoism historical item, it is very rare to found for itís length and detail description of Taoism gods painted on one piece fabric. Over 100 years ago, Guang Xu 22nd year Qing Dynasty,1896, Pon families donated this interesting scroll to a Taoism temple to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was kept in the temple and exhibited occasionally in celebration days until two years ago a Taiwanese found it . He donated a lot of money to repair that old temple, the village people gave him this scroll as a feedback. Now it is collected by a Taiwanese collector.

We are trying to edit more items relative to the Chinese antiques and history to help the visitors to get more knowledge of Chinese art. Now in the file there are more than ten items:
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We hope three more items will be listed every week.

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