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Chinese 4th Century BC Warring States Period Pair of Painted Lacquer on Leather Cutting Screen with Mythic Dragons Decor Extremely Rare Over 2,300 Years Old Artwork









Origin :  

Period & Style : Circa 4th century BC, Warring States Period 

Material :  Leather cutting, painted lacquer  

Size & Weight : each 15.94 in. x 13.58 in. ( 40.5 cm x 34.5 cm )
                        flamed on an acrylic stand 35.62 in. x 19.87 in. ( 90.5 cm x 50.5 cm ) 

Condition :   Left one-partial rotten and bended on the left edge due to age.


This pair of special archaic lacquer pieces ware excavated about ten years ago, normally, its shape could be kept.

According to the archaeology records, the ancient Chinese lacquer’s body were made of wood, bamboo, bronze, and leather, but the leather lacquer piece is quite rare to find in the antique market.


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